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OpenFaaS functions can be triggered easily by any kind of event. A small piece of code will convert from the event-source and trigger the function using the OpenFaaS Gateway API.

The most common use-case is HTTP which acts as a lingua franca between internet-connected systems.

Looking to trigger a function on a schedule? Have a look at the Cron page for more information


This is the default, and standard method for interacting with your Functions.

The function URL follows the pattern of:

https://<gateway URL>:<port>/function/<function name>

There is also the ability to execute a function asynchronously by replacing /function/ with /async-function/ before the function name


Trigger a function using the faas-cli by using the function name

echo "triggered" | faas-cli invoke figlet

CLI invocation can also be async by passing the -a flag to the invoke call

Other Event Sources


Connect your function(s) to Kafka topics

More information in the Incubator repository: openfaas-incubator/kafka-connector


Trigger a function from AWS SNS Notifications and Subscriptions

More information in the repository: affix/OpenFaaS-SNS


CloudEvents is a specification for describing event data in a common way. More information on CloudEvents

Trigger functions from Azure EventGrid with the CloudEvents standard

More information in the repository: johnmccabe/cloudevents-slack-demo


Invoke functions from RabbitMQ topics

More information in the repository: Templum/rabbitmq-connector