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CI/CD with OpenFaaS

Due to the fact that OpenFaaS functions are built into portable Docker images you can use any container builder to build your functions. The faas-cli can be used to build, push and deploy your functions.

OpenFaaS Cloud (easiest option)

OpenFaaS Cloud provides automatic, integrated CI/CD for public and private repositories hosted on or self-hosted GitLab.

See also: OpenFaaS Cloud

Use the native faas-cli

It is recommended to use the faas-cli binary for building and deploying your functions whether that is to Kubernetes or faasd.

  • Build only:

    faas-cli build

  • Build only & push:

    faas-cli build
    faas-cli push
  • To combine build, push and deploy:

    faas-cli up

You can also use --parallel or / --filter when you have multiple functions in your stack.yml file.

  • The --shrinkwrap flag

    The faas-cli build command invokes the docker CLI with the various flags and parameters required. If you want to use an alternative builder you can use the --shrinkwrap flag to generate a folder named ./build/<function> which can then be used with any other container builder such as BuildKit or Kaniko.

See also: faas-cli build reference.


GitLab is both a source-control management system and a CI tool.

You can find a pipeline example on the GitLab CI/CD page.


For GitHub you can build with any suitable CI tool such as:

It's really up to you.

Git examples with Jenkins Pipeline

Examples with Docker-in-Docker: Jenkins Pipeline examples

GitHub Actions