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Official Training

Serverless For Everyone Else

Serverless For Everyone Else is available in eBook and video course format and teaches you the fundamentals of:

  • Managing secrets
  • Template development
  • The OpenFaaS REST API
  • Function development in Node.js
  • Accessing databases
  • Securing and monitoring functions

No Kubernetes knowledge is required. Also available in a team edition.

Link: Serverless For Everyone Else

OpenFaaS and Golang

Everyday Go is a practical, hands-on guide to writing CLIs, web pages, and microservices in Go. It also features a chapter dedicated to development and testing of functions using OpenFaaS and Go.

Link: Everyday Golang

Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes

We partnered with the LinuxFoundation to bring you the training course: Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes.

All of the examples are written with Python in mind, which also covers:

  • OpenFaaS on Kubernetes
  • Writing functions in Python
  • Metrics & monitoring
  • Ingress and routing for functions.
  • Custom Grafana dashboard

Link: Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes

Kubernetes at the Edge with K3s

In this course, authored by Alex Ellis, you'll learn the various Kubernetes API primitives and how to containerise an application with Docker.

Highlights for OpenFaaS users:

  • What is K3s and why is it needed?
  • Kubernetes API Primitives
  • How to build software for multiple CPU architectures like ARM and Intel
  • Functions at the Edge with MQTT
  • Continuous Delivery with ArgoCD and Flux

Link: Introduction to Kubernetes on Edge with K3s

Workshop: Serverless on Kubernetes primer for your developer community

Book a 2-hour workshop for your development community with Alex Ellis.

Get an overview of the landscape, available FaaS projects for Kubernetes, custom demos, free copies of Serverless For Everyone Else, and a chance for Q&A.

Send us an email here for more: