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Official Training

Serverless For Everyone Else

Serverless For Everyone Else is available in eBook and video course format and teaches you the fundamentals of:

  • Managing secrets
  • Template development
  • The OpenFaaS REST API
  • Function development in Node.js
  • Accessing databases
  • Securing and monitoring functions

No Kubernetes knowledge is required. Also available in a team edition.

OpenFaaS and Golang

Everyday Go is a practical, hands-on guide to writing CLIs, web pages, and microservices in Go. It also features a chapter dedicated to development and testing of functions using OpenFaaS and Go.

Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes

We partnered with the LinuxFoundation to bring you the training course: Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes.

All of the examples are written with Python in mind, which also covers:

Serverless on Kubernetes primer for your developer community

Book a 2-hour workshop for your development community with Alex Ellis.

Get an overview of the landscape, available FaaS projects for Kubernetes, custom demos, free copies of Serverless For Everyone Else, and a chance for Q&A.

Send us an email here for more: