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Configure Okta

This guide covers how to configure Okta as an Identity provider for OpenFaaS IAM.

  1. Create a new App integration for OpenFaaS

    Create am OIDC - OpenID Connect app integration using the Single-Page Application type.

    Okta create new app integration

  2. Add sign-in redirect URIs

    Add for the CLI. If you are deploying the OpenFaaS dashboard, add the redirect URI for your dashboard e.g

    Okta general settings

  3. Register Okta as a JwtIssuer with OpenFaaS

    Create a JwtIssuer object in the openfaas namespace to register Okta as a trusted issuer for OpenFaaS IAM.

    kind: JwtIssuer
      namespace: openfaas
        - 0oaf1k34enz720UjH5d7
    tokenExpiry: 12h

    The iss field will need to be set to your Okta domain.

    The aud field contains a set of accepted audiences. For Okta this is the client id of your app integration.

    The tokenExpiry field can be used to set the expiry time of the OpenFaaS access token.

Optionally, if you want to enable client authentication using a client secret for the OpenFaaS dashboard create a separate app integration for the dashboard and select the Web Application type.