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OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple

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OpenFaaS® makes it easy for developers to deploy event-driven functions and microservices to Kubernetes without repetitive, boiler-plate coding. Package your code or an existing binary in a Docker image to get a highly scalable endpoint with auto-scaling and metrics.

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  • Open source functions framework - run functions on any cloud without fear of lock-in
  • Write functions in any language and package them in Docker/OCI-format containers
  • Easy to use - built-in UI, powerful CLI and one-click installation
  • Scale as you go - handle spikes in traffic, and scale down when idle
  • Active community - contribute and belong
  • Community Edition for developers, Pro edition & support for production


See also: Tech stack & layers & Preparing for production

Get started

Start out with one of the options from our self-service training range:

Or go ahead and deploy OpenFaaS straight to Kubernetes/OpenShift or to a VM using faasd:


Pictured: API gateway portal - designed for ease of use

Video presentations


OpenFaaS has a thriving community of Open Source contributors and users.

Going to production

Do we need the Community Edition or Pro?

The OpenFaaS Community Edition is suitable for developers. OpenFaaS Pro is built for use in production.

You can find out more about OpenFaaS Pro here or contact us to find out more.

Have you written a blog post or given a talk?

Have you written a blog about OpenFaaS? Send a Pull Request to the community page below.

OpenFaaS Adopters

If you're using OpenFaaS within your team, send a pull request to to let us know, or email us at:

Become a Sponsor

How is OpenFaaS funded?

OpenFaaS is free and open-source. As an end-user, supporter or commercial company, you can become a sponsor and get unique benefits, whilst also supporting the project and community.

You can access exclusive updates, discounts, news and tutorials through the The Treasure Trove Portal with over 80 updates from the OpenFaaS Founder going back to 2019.


OpenFaaS is written in Golang and contributions are welcomed from end-users and the community. It could mean providing feedback through testing features, proposing enhancements, or getting involved with the maintenance of almost to 40 projects.

If you would like to contribute to the documentation site or find out more check out the docs repo.


The core of OpenFaaS is an independent open-source project originally created by Alex Ellis in 2016. It is now being built and shaped by a growing community of contributors and end-users.

OpenFaaS is hosted by OpenFaaS Ltd (registration: 11076587), a company which also offers commercial services, homepage sponsorships, and support. OpenFaaS ® is a registered trademark in England and Wales.