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OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple

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OpenFaaS® makes it easy for developers to deploy event-driven functions and microservices to Kubernetes without repetitive, boiler-plate coding. Package your code or an existing binary in a Docker image to get a highly scalable endpoint with auto-scaling and metrics.

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  • Ease of use through UI portal and one-click install
  • Write functions in any language for Linux or Windows and package in Docker/OCI image format
  • Portable - runs on existing hardware or public/private cloud with Kubernetes or containerd
  • CLI available with YAML format for templating and defining functions
  • Auto-scales as demand increases


See also: Tech stack & layers & Preparing for production

Community Subscription

OpenFaaS users can subscribe to a weekly Community Newsletter called Insiders Updates, to keep up to date with new features, bug fixes, events, tutorials and security patches. Insiders Updates are written by the project founder and distributed via GitHub Sponsors.


The core of OpenFaaS is an independent open-source project originally created by Alex Ellis in 2016. It is now being built and shaped by a growing community of contributors and end-users.

OpenFaaS is hosted by OpenFaaS Ltd (registration: 11076587), a company which also offers commercial services, homepage sponsorships, and support. OpenFaaS ® is a registered trademark in England and Wales.

Support for OpenFaaS

In addition to the core Open Source projects, OpenFaaS Ltd offers:

Users of OpenFaaS

Several dozen end-user companies have given permission for their logo to be used on, you can find specific information about use-cases in the file and on the OpenFaaS blog.

If you are using OpenFaaS for internal or production use, please feel free to send a pull request to the file, to email or to comment on this issue.

Get started with OpenFaaS

Official blog and documentation

Support & getting help

Online training

  • New: Training course from the LinuxFoundation: Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes

    This training course "Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes" written by the project founder and commissioned by the LinuxFoundation provides an overview of what you need to know to build functions and operate OpenFaaS on public cloud.

    Training course: Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes

  • Self-paced workshop written by the community on GitHub

    You may also like to try the self-paced workshop on GitHub written by the OpenFaaS community

    Browse the workshop

  • Corporate trainings

    If you wish to arrange a training session for your team, or a consultation, feel free to contact OpenFaaS Ltd



Pictured: API gateway portal - designed for ease of use

Deploy OpenFaaS to Kubernetes, OpenShift, or faasd deployment guides

Video presentations


OpenFaaS has a thriving community of Open Source contributors and users.

Have you written a blog about OpenFaaS? Send a Pull Request to the community page below.

If you'd like to join OpenFaaS community Slack channel to chat with contributors or get some help - then fill out the Google Forms page


OpenFaaS is written in Golang and contributions are welcomed from end-users and the community. It could mean providing feedback through testing features, proposing enhancements, or getting involved with the maintenance of almost to 40 projects.

If you would like to contribute to the documentation site or find out more check out the docs repo.

Grafana dashboards

Example of a Grafana dashboards linked to OpenFaaS showing auto-scaling live in action: here

An alternative community dashboard is available here