A foreword on security

Make sure that you enable basic authentication if you are exposing OpenFaaS to the public Internet. This will prevent unauthorized access to the OpenFaaS API. It is also highly recommended that you set up TLS with certficates available for free from

OpenFaaS can be deployed to Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. We recommend Kubernetes for moving to production, but Docker Swarm can provide a simpler alternative, especially for local development. Functions and microservices built or adapted for OpenFaaS can work with either orchestration platform without changes.

Get started with OpenFaaS on Kubernetes with helm (recommended) or plain YAML files. Deploy to Kubernetes now.


OpenShift is a variant of Kubernetes produced by RedHat: Deploy to OpenShift

If you prefer to use Docker Swarm, then follow the deployment guide Docker Swarm.

Docker Playground

If you cannot run Docker on your local machine, or can't install anything locally, then you can try OpenFaaS on (PWD). Follow the Play-with-Docker guide here.