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Build functions

The OpenFaaS CLI supports various options for building a function.

For details and examples run

faas-cli build --help

1.0 Apply build options

The OpenFaaS CLI enables functions to be built with different options, e.g. dev, debug, etc.

By default all templates provide a minimal build as this optimizes function image sizes. Where appropriate, 3rd-party dependencies can be specified via requirements.txt. In scenarios where third-party dependencies also require native (e.g. C/C++) modules, like libssh in Ruby and numpy or pandas in Python, then --build-option can be used.

  • How to use

The OpenFaaS CLI provides a --build-option flag which enables named sets of native modules to be specified for inclusion in the function build.

There are two ways to achieve this:

faas-cli build --lang python3 --build-option dev [--build-option debug]

or in YAML:

    - debug
    - dev

Where multiple functions are being built, the YAML configuration is recommended over use of the CLI flag, as the CLI flag applies the --build-option to all functions involved in the build activity.

Currently, of the official templates, Python and Ruby templates include named build options.

  • Edit templates to support additional build options

It is possible to amend build options in both official and custom templates.

Altering of official templates should be carefully considered in the context of repeatable builds

In order to modify a template to support further build options, edit the template.yml using the following pattern:

  - name: dev
    packages: # A list of required packages
      - make
      - automake
      - gcc
      #- etc.
  - name: debug
      - mg
      - iw
      #- etc.

and if not already present edit Dockerfile with:

# Add the following line

# Edit `RUN apk --no-cache add curl \` to the following
RUN apk --no-cache add curl ${ADDITIONAL_PACKAGE} \  

2.0 Pass ADDITIONAL_PACKAGE through --build-arg

There may be scenarios where a single native module need to be added to a build. A single-package build option could be added as described above. Alternatively a package could be specified through a --build-arg.

faas-cli build --lang python3 --build-arg ADDITIONAL_PACKAGE=jq

In the event a build-option is set the effect will be cumulative:

faas-cli build --lang python3 --build-option dev --build-arg ADDITIONAL_PACKAGE=jq

The entries in the template's Dockerfile described in 1.0 above need to be present for this mode of operation.

3.0 Pass custom build arguments

You can pass ARG values to Docker via the CLI.

faas-cli build --build-arg ARGNAME1=argvalue1 --build-arg ARGNAME2=argvalue2

Remeber to add any ARG values to the template's Dockerfile:


For more information about passing build arguments to Docker, please visit the Docker documentation