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OpenFaaS Community

For blog posts, awards and upcoming events 2017-2018 check out the community file in the main Github repository.

Community resources

Slack Workspace

To join our Slack workspace email with a brief introduction (one-two sentences max.)


  • How do I become a contributor?

Anyone is invited to contribute to the project in-line with the contribution guide - you can also read the guide for ideas on how to get involved. We invite new contributors to join our Slack community. We would also ask you to propose any changes or contributions ahead of time, especially when there is no issue or proposal already tracking it.


For stickers, swag, media or press-kit information head over to openfaas/media

Become an OpenFaaS backer or sponsor

We need your support to keep delivering on Serverless Functions Made Simple so pledge to OpenFaaS and become a backer or a sponsor with a unique set of rewards. Help us hit our goals and get to back a great project at the same time.

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