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OpenFaaS Community

Slack Workspace

Guidelines for using Slack:

  • When asking questions please be consider and use a thread
  • We can't answer questions like "why doesn't X work" unless you provide a snippet or GitHub repo to reproduce a problem
  • If you're a commercial user please let us know which company you're representing


  • #openfaas - news, events, offers and questions relating to OpenFaaS
  • #contributors - contribute to projects maintained by the OpenFaaS commjunity
  • #general - OSS, Cloud Native, Kubernetes, containers, coding or k3sup and arkade app installer
  • #openfaas-cloud - OpenFaaS Cloud development and help
  • #inlets - help, news and community for inlets - The Cloud Native Tunnel

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Getting help

The GitHub repositories can be a rich source of information, but you are encouraged to ask your support questions through Slack and keep the issue tracker for flagging issues with the code or release and for proposing features to support your use-case.

Consulting and commercial users

Consulting and priority support is available for OpenFaaS Ltd customers.

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Community resources

Blog posts, upcoming/past events and code examples are available on the community resources page indexed by year. Please send us a Pull Request!

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  • How do I become a contributor?

Anyone is invited to contribute to the project in-line with the contribution guide - you can also read the guide for ideas on how to get involved. We invite new contributors to join our Slack community. We would also ask you to propose any changes or contributions ahead of time, especially when there is no issue or proposal already tracking it.

Start here: Contribute to the project


For stickers, swag, media or press-kit information head over to openfaas/media

Please use statistics across the whole GitHub organisation for numbers of contributors, GitHub stars, forks and other activity. OpenFaaS does not operate a mono-repo, so taking statistics just from the (faas) repository is misrepresentation.

See also: OpenFaaS Organisation statistics.