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Use a local Ingress Controller with KinD

Most users will use port-forwarding to access the OpenFaaS gateway, it's the simplest option and works everywhere.

However, in this tutorial, we will show you how to deploy OpenFaaS with ingress-nginx.

When you use an Ingress Controller:

  • You can access the gateway on your host machine without port-forwarding
  • If you update the gateway, you don't need to restart port-forwarding commands
  • OpenFaaS is almost always exposed behind an Ingress Controller in production, so it's good practice to use it locally

Is this tutorial for you?


You'll need Docker running, plus:

  • kind
  • kubectl
  • faas-cli

You can get the above with arkade.

Run: arkade get kind kubectl faas-cli.

Create a KinD cluster with ports 80 and 443 exposed

cat > kind-config.yaml <<EOF
kind: Cluster
- role: control-plane
  - |
    kind: InitConfiguration
        node-labels: "ingress-ready=true"
  - containerPort: 80
    hostPort: 80
    protocol: TCP
  - containerPort: 443
    hostPort: 443
    protocol: TCP

kind create cluster --name openfaas --config kind-config.yaml

Install the ingress-nginx IngressController

Use arkade, or install ingress-nginx manually.

arkade install ingress-nginx

Install OpenFaaS with local Ingress enabled

Usually, Ingress is used when a cluster has a public IP address, and you want to obtain TLS certificates from Let's Encrypt. In this case, we'll use it to access the OpenFaaS gateway on the host machine.

Create values-ingress.yaml:

  exposeServices: false
  enabled: true

    - host: openfaas.local
      serviceName: gateway
      servicePort: 8080
      path: /
  ingressClassName: nginx

Note: if you're migrating from an older version of Kubernetes, the annotation is deprecated, use ingressClassName instead.

On Linux, MacOS or WSL2, edit your /etc/hosts file and add an entry:    openfaas.local

Now install OpenFaaS via the Helm chart in the usual way, but make sure you also pass -f values-ingress.yaml, along with your custom values.yaml file.

Access OpenFaaS via Ingress

You can now access OpenFaaS via the URL of http://openfaas.local.

export OPENFAAS_URL=http://openfaas.local

faas-cli login 

faas-cli store deploy env

faas-cli list