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Get Started

Contribute to the project

There are many ways to contribute to the OpenFaaS project.

Before raising a PR or an issue request that you read our Contributing guide which applies to every OpenFaaS GitHub repository. We have a wide range of suggestions for contributing to the project and community and only some of those involve writing code.

Five practical ideas for a first contribution

Get up to speed

If you are new with Docker, Kubernetes or Go and would like to learn or just improve your skills, you may find the following links useful:

Main Git repositories

Git is used for version control and all repositories are public available under two organisations.


OpenFaaS started as a single mono-repo called faas and has been broken out into separate repositories. For this reason you should always collate Issues, PRs, contributor counts, stars and similar statistics from the organisation as a whole. The metrics within the faas repository alone are not representative of the whole project.

Repository Headline
faas Main repository for project issues, suggestions, documentation and roadmap/backlog items. Also includes UI portal and API gateway
faas-netes Kubernetes provider for OpenFaaS contains YAML and helm for deployment
faas-swarm Docker Swarm provider for OpenFaaS contains a stack file for deployment
certifier End-to-end tests written in Go for verifying OpenFaaS with Swarm or Kubernetes after a release, this also runs through CI for the faas repo
faas-cli CLI for operating with OpenFaaS similar to kubectl or docker CLI
templates Official templates for OpenFaaS CLI used to scaffold a new function
openfaas-cloud OpenFaaS Cloud - portable, multi-user Serverless Functions powered by GitOps
docs Official docs repository for this site - i.e.
workshop Official workshop - Hands-on labs for learning OpenFaaS
nats-queue-worker Asynchronous processing for deferred / queued work with OpenFaaS, based upon NATS Streaming
www Webpages for
media Press-kit and media for the project branding and swag


The incubator organisation is for experiments, research and for getting quick feedback. Only some of the projects incubated here will make it into the main project.

Repository Headline
of-watchdog The OpenFaaS watchdog re-written with mode-abstractions for both STDIO & HTTP
faas-idler Scale OpenFaaS functions to zero replicas after specified period of inactivity
openfaas-operator The OpenFaaS CRD Operator for Kubernetes
kafka-connector The Kafka connector connects OpenFaaS functions to Kafka topics
node10-express-template Node.js 10 Express template providing additional context and control over the HTTP response from your function
golang-http-template Golang template providing additional control over the HTTP request and response.
powershell-http PowerShell HTTP template
ruby-http A Ruby HTTP template for OpenFaaS
python-flask-template OpenFaaS templates for Python 2.7/3.6 with Flask
node8-express-template Node.js 8 template for OpenFaaS with HTTP via Express.js
vcenter-connector Trigger OpenFaaS Functions from events in VMware vCenter
ofc-bootstrap "one-click" CLI to install OpenFaaS Cloud on Kubernetes