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Get Started

Contribute to the project

There are many ways to contribute to OpenFaaS and a wide variety of activities that help both the project and the community.

Before raising a PR or an Issue, it is requested that you read the project's Contributing guide. This guide applies to every OpenFaaS GitHub repository. We have a wide range of suggestions for contributing to the project and community and only some of those involve writing code.

Examples may be: writing some Go code, reviewing a PR, helping with the website or UI, volunteering to write documentation for a new feature, creating code examples, or something else completely.

Five practical ideas to get started

Get up to speed

If you are new with Docker, Kubernetes, or Go and would like to learn or just improve your skills, you may find the following links useful:

Communicate with the community

Let the project team know in the #contributors channel on Slack.

  • Decide how many hours you think you may be able to contribute
  • Think about where you are most comfortable starting out and what you would like to work on
  • Ask for help if you don't know where to begin

Main source repositories

All source is organised under two repositories on GitHub: openfaas and openfaas-incubator. Some prototyping may take place under the personal accounts of The Members Team.

OpenFaaS org

OpenFaaS started as a single mono-repo called faas and has been broken out into separate repositories in the openfaas organisation.

For this reason you should always collate statistics from the openfaas organisation, rather than the repository of a single component, which would provide invalid data. So whether counting issues, PRs, contributors, stars, or any other metric, use the whole organisation.

Repository Headline
certifier End-to-end tests written in Go for verifying OpenFaaS with Swarm or Kubernetes after a release, this also runs through CI for the faas repo
docs Official docs repository for this site - i.e.
faas Main repository for project issues, suggestions, documentation and roadmap/backlog items. Also includes UI portal and API gateway
faas-netes Kubernetes provider for OpenFaaS contains YAML and helm for deployment
faas-swarm Docker Swarm provider for OpenFaaS contains a stack file for deployment
faas-cli CLI for operating with OpenFaaS similar to kubectl or docker CLI
templates Official templates for OpenFaaS CLI used to scaffold a new function
nats-queue-worker Asynchronous processing for deferred / queued work with OpenFaaS, based upon NATS Streaming
media Press-kit and media for the project branding and swag Source for and blog
openfaas-cloud OpenFaaS Cloud - portable, multi-user Serverless Functions powered by GitOps
workshop Practical training and hands-on labs for learning OpenFaaS

OpenFaaS Incubator

The openfaas-incubator organisation contains projects which are under active development.

Some people wrongly assume that the "incubator" organisation means that these projects have a special status, or that they are unsuitable for production. Projects that are unsuitable for production usage will say so in their readme file.

Repository Headline
of-watchdog The OpenFaaS watchdog re-written with mode-abstractions for both STDIO & HTTP
faas-idler Scale OpenFaaS functions to zero replicas after specified period of inactivity
openfaas-operator The OpenFaaS CRD Operator for Kubernetes
kafka-connector The Kafka connector connects OpenFaaS functions to Kafka topics
ofc-bootstrap "one-click" CLI to install OpenFaaS Cloud on Kubernetes
ingress-operator Provides FunctionIngress CRD for Custom Domains on Kubernetes
connector-sdk Build your own event connectors for OpenFaaS
vcenter-connector Trigger OpenFaaS Functions from events in VMware vCenter
faas-federation Federate two OpenFaaS installations into one API
faas-memory An OpenFaaS Provider example using memory for state.
Training & tutorials
Repository Headline
workshop-vscode Run a Kubernetes workshop with VSCode in the browser
openfaas-linkerd2 Lightweight Serverless on Kubernetes with mTLS and traffic-splitting with Linkerd2
openfaas-function-auth Examples of authentication in OpenFaaS Serverless functions.
Repository Headline
node10-express-template Node.js 10 Express template providing additional context and control over the HTTP response from your function
node10-express-service Template with Node.js and Express.js exposed fully
node8-express-template Node.js 8 template for OpenFaaS with HTTP via Express.js
golang-http-template Golang template providing additional control over the HTTP request and response.
powershell-http PowerShell HTTP template
ruby-http A Ruby HTTP template for OpenFaaS
python-flask-template OpenFaaS templates for Python 2.7/3.6 with Flask
python3-debian Template for Python3 on Debian for data-science / compiled pip modules
perl-template Perl template for OpenFaaS