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Contribute to the project

There are many ways to contribute to OpenFaaS and a wide variety of activities that help both the project and the community.

Before raising a PR or an Issue, it is requested that you read the project's Contributing guide. This guide applies to every OpenFaaS GitHub repository. We have a wide range of suggestions for contributing to the project and community and only some of those involve writing code.

Examples may be: writing some Go code, reviewing a PR, helping with the website or UI, volunteering to write documentation for a new feature, creating code examples, or something else completely.

Five practical ideas to get started

Get up to speed

If you are new with Docker, Kubernetes, or Go and would like to learn or just improve your skills, you may find the following links useful.

Check out Alex's eBook on Everyday Go - with examples, recipes and techniques used on the OpenFaaS Project in production: Everyday Go

Communicate with the community

  • Decide how many hours you think you may be able to contribute
  • Think about where you are most comfortable starting out and what you would like to work on
  • Ask for help if you don't know where to begin

Code repositories

All project source-code is organised under two repositories on GitHub:

See a detailed list of Code Repositories.