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OpenFaaS Community

Where is the code for "openfaas"?

There are over 40 projects and components which make up the OpenFaaS codebase, so no one repository can be used to track or gauge activity or the total effort of the community.

You can find out aggregate GitHub Stars, commits, forks and contributors and statistics on our project leaderboard (available on request).

Community contributors

OpenFaaS was started in 2016 by Alex Ellis, and now has hundreds of contributors across dozens of repositories.

Weekly Office Hours

You can meet with the community behind OpenFaaS, k3sup, arkade and inlets at our Weekly Office Hours call.

This is a shared time for collaboration and for contributing and is provided instead of a Slack Workspace or Discord Server.

Times: Every Wednesday @ 1630 GMT+0 (Or GMT+1 during daylight savings)

Self-service with OpenFaaS

Self-service can be a quick and easy way to get started with OpenFaaS CE or OpenFaaS Pro.

  • Official OpenFaaS documentation

    Learn about how to deploy and configure OpenFaaS and functions, along with how the architecture works in the documentation.

  • Official Blog

    You should visit the official blog on a regular basis to keep up with news, features and to learn use-cases.

  • OpenFaaS on GitHub

    We use GitHub for collaboration and for tracking our own work in the community.

    If you need technical support, we provide free online training, a weekly call and Enterprise Support plans (see below).

  • GitHub Sponsors for @openfaas

    If you become an individual sponsor for OpenFaaS on GitHub, you'll get discounts on our eBooks and show up as a Sponsor on Issues and Pull Requests, which means you are more likely to get our attention.

To find out about Enterprise Support and Proof of Concepts projects, reach out to us for more information: Contact us.

Training resources and eBooks

Learn everything you need to know to build and run functions with OpenFaaS in our handbook:

Start your journey with Go or go deeper into unit-testing, Goroutines, GitHub Actions and Prometheus metrics:

Want a personalised workshop?

You can book a 2 hour training workshop with the founder of OpenFaaS: "Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes" for your team.

Contact us for more information.

See also: Official OpenFaaS Training

Resources created by the community

We keep track of blog posts, events and projects from the community, indexed by year. You can send us a Pull Request to add yours or browse past submissions.

See also: OpenFaaS Community Page


  • How do I become a contributor?

    If you're considering making a contribution, then we have a contribution guide which will help you understand how the process works.

    You may also like the contributing page to orient yourself and learn about the various repositories.

Key points:

  • Propose your idea in an issue
  • Always fill out the whole issue and PR template
  • Give the context of why you need this and what company you're working for
  • Don't start work on it until you receive approval from a maintainer

Start here: Contribute to the project


For stickers, swag, media or press-kit information head over to our openfaas/media repo.

You may order your own t-shirts and / or stickers with our logo for personal use only, so long as you do not combine it with any other logos, marks or text.

OpenFaaS does not operate a mono-repo, so taking statistics just from the (faas) repository is misrepresentation.

We count statistics across the whole GitHub organisation for numbers of contributors, GitHub stars, forks and etc.

See also: Official OpenFaaS statistics.

Social media

If you're interested in sponsoring the OpenFaaS homepage, feel free to reach out via email to