Configure GitLab

Configure self-hosted GitLab for OpenFaaS Cloud

This guide is for connecting your own self-hosted GitLab instance to your OpenFaaS Cloud deployment.

Use this guide to configure your init.yaml file for use with ofc-bootstrap.

Edit your init.yaml file

  • Edit init.yaml and set gitlab_instance: to the public address of your GitLab instance.

  • Edit init.yaml and set scm: github to scm: gitlab.

Create an access token

You will need to create an access token with sudo permissions and API access.

  • Go to your Personal profile
  • Click Access Tokens
  • Create a token
  • Name: OpenFaaS Cloud
  • Scopes: api, read_repository, sudo, read_user

You will be given an API token at this time and must enter it into init.yaml.

Look for: "gitlab-api-token" and set the value to the value from the UI

Create the system hook

This hook will publish events when there is a git push into a repo.

  • Go to your Admin area.
  • Click System Hooks
  • Enter the URL replacing with your domain
  • Do not enter a value for Secret Token at this time

System hooks

Create an OAuth application

The OAuth application will be used for logging in to your dashboard.

System hooks

After creating your application you will get a client_id and client_secret.

Set your (Application Id) client_id in init.yaml under: oauth and client_id

Set your (Secret) client_secret in init.yaml under: "of-client-secret".

Set oauth_provider_base_url to, where this is the domain of your GitLab instance. Don't add a final slash to the URL.

Set enable_oauth to true