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Deployment guide for the Docker Playground (PWD)

Note: You will need a free Docker Hub account to access play-with-docker.

1.0 Start a new session

Go to and log in with your Docker Hub account

This will create a new 4 hour session with access to all of docker's features in your browser

Once logged in, click the "+ ADD NEW INSTANCE" link on the right-hand side

This will open a console with Docker ready to run

1.0 Initialize Swarm Mode

In the console, run the swarm init command to initialize Swarm mode

docker swarm init --advertise-addr eth0

Highlight the join token command that is output and right-click - "copy" (we'll need that to join additional worker nodes)

1.1 Join workers (optional)

OpenFaas works well for experimentation with only the master node if you don't want to create workers

Click the "+ ADD NEW INSTANCE" link on the right-hand side again to create another docker host within your session

In the new console, right-click and paste the join token command that was just copied

Repeat these steps for as many workers as you would like.

2.0 Deploy the stack

Go back to the master node by clicking the first button on the right-side menu

This should have an icon of a person/user to indicate it is a swarm master

In the console, clone OpenFaaS and deploy the stack by copy/pasting the following command:

git clone && \
  cd faas && \


Basic authentication is now enabled by default for your protection so note down your credentials. If you need to disable it pass the flag --no-auth to the ./ command above.

./ can be run at any time and deploys the core OpenFaas components. You can read more about these in the TestDrive document

2.1 Test out the UI

Within a few seconds (or minutes depending on PWD's load at the time) the API gateway will be deployed and you will be able to access the UI

Once the command is complete, you will notice two links appear at the top of the page with port numbers

8080 and 9090

To view the OpenFaaS UI, simply click the 8080 link.

This will open a new tab in your browser with the UI from your PWD Swarm cluster

The 9090 link will open the Prometheus console UI. More on that in the Auto-scaling section

3.0 Start the hands-on labs

Learn how to build serverless functions with OpenFaaS and Python in our half-day workshop. You can follow along online at your own pace.

There are only 4 hours available per PWD session, but we've found that most people are able to walk through the workshop in less time.


If you are running into any issues please check out the troubleshooting guide and search the documentation / past issues before raising an issue.

Alternatively, just click the orange "CLOSE SESSION" button under the timer and start over with a fresh session